No Love – Taj (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Perhaps more than any other creative form, due to its immediacy and mobility, music is often the fastest medium to reflect ongoing events. I’m sure the upheaval of recent times – the pandemic, political divisions, looming economic isolation (I’m writing this from the UK remember) and the renewed drive for racial and gender equality – will produce some great literature, some poignant art and a tsunami of plays and productions. But the music is already out there, it is social comment from the point of impact.

No Love is Taj’s contribution to that musical dialogue and a response to the issue of police brutality, racial violence and the injustices of modern society. But rather than the usual rabble-rousing, call to arms, which is the usual response, No Love takes a more considered line. No less strident in its goals but adopting a more inclusive, more balanced call for harmony and justice, peace and love for one another.

It blends an epic, wide-screen pop sound with modern urban vibes and no small amount of Michael Jackson inspired moves and moods can be found in its theatrical scale and its vocal punctuation. Not all responses have to be knee-jerk reactions to the wrongs they are highlighting, fire isn’t best fought with fire and songs such as No Love are proof that perhaps, as a wise man once said,  love is all you need after all.

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