My Own Devices – Myles Cochran (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

This EP opens with an airy guitar track that took me right back to Vini Reilly’s Durutti Column. Beautiful echoey plucked notes meander around a simple drum rhythm evoking warm summers and wistful idling.

This theme continues and becomes more layered and textured as the time drifts gently by. There are moments of Celtic influence along the way that mix seamlessly with what sounds like a bluegrass heritage.

The final track begins in a more dissonant haunting manor and follows this path for some time before eventually picking up a gentle folksy drum track. This becomes mantra like and you find yourself somehow losing some 9 minutes an 20 seconds of your life. Those minutes are certainly not time wasted though.

Some beautiful cello work is featured throughout.

Discreet and joyous.

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