Mente Dañá – Icon (Feid & Lyanno) (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is always as much sonic reflection of its place of origin as it is a series of more conscious influences. Even at the most cutting edge of modern urban music, geography and culture are always important and often unseen underpinning elements of the sound, after all the building blocks which create the London Grime sound is vastly different to the Californian rap experience. And when you get further away from the UK/US mainstream, things get even more interesting.

Icon is a collaboration which brought together the production prowess of Jowan and Rolo and the vocal talents of Feid and Lyanno, and which musically calls on all manner of cool sounds, sounds which immediately evoke their South American surroundings. Taking a lilting, reggaeton groove the song is a blend of Puerto Rican sass and Colombian soulfulness, lush latin-pop fun and Caribbean dance cool. 

It is infectious and sultry, just as you would imagine today’s urban music from this continent to be, it is soft and soothing, eclectic and addictive. If you think that pop, R&B and dance music is all starting to sound the same, then you need to head to South America and discover a whole new horde of sonic treasure. Treasure such as Mente Dañá.

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