Gedanke – Vincent Krennerich (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Gedanke has passed under the reviewing pen before, as part of a triple sonic slice of lush, classic infusions of the same name. But some music seems to come even more to life when accompanied by the perfect video and the simple, graceful and effective visuals that we find it with now, are just that. The grace of the dancer and the grandeur of the room reflect the classical lines of the music, a meeting of mood and mind, a wonderful, understated explosion of music as movement and emotion.

And for all the brevity of the piece, both in terms of its duration and in the economy of the notes, it covers a lot of ground, rising from delicate, spacious minimalism through more deliberate and cascading deliveries before returning to the gentle soothing sonics from which it emerged.

And all the time a singular violin tone spirals between the notes and around the chords, impervious to the rise and fall of the main melody, instead gently following its own path, sometimes standing out because of the space afforded it, other times subsumed by the power of the piano, but always seemingly a concise yet constant part of the music.

Many artist think that power and volume are the same thing, that to make an impact requires being loud and dramatic. Gedanke neatly demonstrates that it isn’t how many notes you play but which ones you chose and the sound here is perhaps more forceful for its own spatial awareness. That space allowing power and poise to rise in equal measure, the soaring highs made more delicious, more resonant, more striking by the softening lows which surround them.

Gedanke is a gorgeous piece of music, graceful and deftly constructed, perfectly balanced and wonderfully economical, all ideas represented in the video which now forms its travelling companion. A fantastic piece when just an audio presentation, doubly so now that it has found the perfect visual expression.

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