No Fool – Devon Worley Band (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

They may be known for a sound which is an upbeat mesh of country cool and rock ‘n’ roll swagger, rustic textures driven home with one foot on the monitor, but No Fool proves that the Devon Worley Band are just as adept at delivering something more supple and subtle as they are rocking out. The song is still clothed in the usual country trappings, deft guitars which push the boundaries between both genres, clever rhinestone musical motifs shinning like buried treasure and sonic turns of phrase and lyrical broadsides which position the music perfectly in a unique space on the Venn Diagram, but this time the music is also understated, in its own way.

The guitars are pushed into the middle distance, along for the ride rather than providing the engine room and the rhythm section is spacious and considered. All of which allows Devon’s voice to become the focal point…well, more of a focal point than usual.

It’s rock music with a rhinestone jacket, country music in biker boots! What more can I say?

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