Faux Pas – Alias Wayne (reviewed by Dave Franklin)


Alias Wayne may be the fun, musical alter-ego of Ranzel X Kendrick but that isn’t to say that the music made when he is in this mode isn’t seriously good too. He has always woven a smart path between the cowboy and the rocker, the country groove and the rock cool, the flicker of the campfire light and the smokey haze of the basement club, and the occasional change of name doesn’t lessen that at all.

His Stones/Buffalo Springfield mash up Gimme What It’s Worth acted like brilliantly fun fusion and calling card for this mini-album and it is joined here by some equally cool sonic travelling companions. Broke Down in Texas is a jaunty number which makes the best of bad luck by way of a great musical outpouring, Nobody But Me wanders Waitsian bar-room blues byways and drunken jazz juke joints and Just Because is a slightly spaced, slightly wasted, slice of bruised and brooding, sultry rock’n’roll.

It’s roots music man! In its warps and wefts you see threads of blues, jazz, country and the early rock’n’roll that those genres all bled into. A Faux Pas? Anything but!

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