Broken Angel – Amira (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Despite the title and the imagery, Broken Angel is very much a song of hope. It is an anthem for people who, for whatever reason haven’t yet “found themselves, the meaning to life, nor happiness,” a reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that they will find their way to a better place, something that Amira herself knows from experience. As the way to kick off her debut e.p. of the same name, it is the perfect blend of rock and pop, an attention grabbing yet melodically accessible opening salvo.

But this is also an album of sonic dynamics and varying moods, Edge and Better are slow burning ballads which wrap themselves in ever more lush musical textures as they head for their logical destination, Until I Come Home is a big, dramatic soul-pop extravaganza and I Live For You has a widescreen, classic pop meets stadium rock vibe and the perfect musical swan-song for the album.

Broken Angel may be the sound of an artist just starting out, still finding out who she is musically but as a calling card for where she is today and a suggestion of where she might go in the future, this e.p. and the potential that it suggests, is going to make everyone sit up and take notice.

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