Rap music is all too often the sound of aggression, revelling in a belligerent, devil-may-care attitude and a celebration of, for want of a better word, greed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Who says so? Muhlatto says so, and Use Me is a song which offers a response to such “use and abuse” attitudes.

Ironically, the sound that it wraps itself in is fairly abrasive itself, full of raw edges and even rawer honesty, but it is the message which is the real game changer. Rather than join the street level gangster howl of me, me, me, he instead fights for the underdog, reminding us that for every action there is a reaction, for every user, there is a victim.

His message is simple, be kind, be gracious, be nice to each other, he reminds us that success in life doesn’t have to come at the expense of anyone else. It is also a reminder that you should never mistake kindness for weakness, that just because you can use someone to your own advantage, that doesn’t mean that they won’t remember what you did and that their revenge may indeed be served cold.

Like all music worth taking the time to explore, it isn’t about face-values, Use Me may seem to be like plenty of other rap songs doing the rounds but listen carefully and you will find the real message and realise that, for a change, Muhlatto is an artist who really does have something important to say.

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