Goodbye –  Because Villains (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s all very well hiding your song behind technology, relying on banks of pedals, auto-tuning and samples, but if you have to do that, did you ever really have much of a song in the first place? The great thing about Because Villains is that even though the end result might be wrapped in the full band sound, you can always hear the song underneath the soaring dynamics, the subtle drops, the breakdowns and the build ups. They haven’t been created after the fact, what your hearing is just the deftness, depth and delicacy of the original song, merely amplified.

If you can write songs this way then it means that they work whether you are surrounded by all the trappings of the full rock and roll experience or are just one man, one voice, one acoustic guitar. And in fact Travis James, the core of Because Villains, can be found doing just that and everything in between.

A song isn’t just for the studio or the stadium, a good song is a good song no matter where you take it and however you deliver it. It is safe to say that James writes good songs. Actually, make that great songs.

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