2AM Drive – Fitch Means (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music has always been a useful part of any emotional healing process. As a listener it reminds you that there are others who have gone through the same turmoils and heart-aches, as an artist it is a way of putting down on paper the thoughts and emotions racing around your head and in doing so, hopefully make sense of them. Fitch Means created 2AM Drive when trying to make sense of his life as it hit one of its lowest points. “It was a challenge for me to get through this particular era, but in the same breath, I think this project was what I needed.”

His own particular form of therapy was the late night drives he took to clear his head, as reflected in the title track which is a sumptuous blend of slick, melodic R’n’B and the most mellifluous pop moves. And this opening number neatly sets the tone for what is to follow, a wave of supple and subtle grooves and sultry rhythms, a million miles away from his previous release Drip Sauce, a song instead driven by dexterous, confident rap flows and lunging lyrical deliveries. 

Love Feels Like is a blend of classic soul vibes and modern underground pop, Pretend is not only a combination of wonderfully lazy beats and spacious deliveries but also a great show case of Fitch Means not inconsiderable vocal talents and So Far Gone is a reflective slice of R’nB which acts as the perfect resolution to this stream of thoughts made into song.

2AM Drive proves to be a nice change of pace and another example of the versatility that Fitch Means has to offer.

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Website: https://www.fitchmeans.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fitchmeans/

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