All this time the powers-that-be have told us that, when it came to rock music, you could either be in the classic camp or the alternative camp, the two were separate entities and never the twain shall meet, and all that. Well, Chainflower obviously never got that memo. How do I know? I just listened to their latest single Brave.

Even before you start exploring its numerous sonic charms, it becomes obvious that Brave seems to blend, revel in and generally celebrate everything that is good about both rock tribes. It takes the familiar structures and dependable deliveries of the classic end of the spectrum and then runs headlong with it into the alternative way of doing things. The resulting explosion of sound is coloured with dark gothic moods, dramatic anthemic highs, biker band riff-a-rama, electronic washes playing the part of banks of classical strings…or possibly vice versa, grunge intensity, punk rage, soaring vocals and foot on the monitor confidence. And that is just what is on the surface.

First impressions are great but that is only half of the story. Dig deeper and you find lyrics which remind us that life is out there for the taking, that you shouldn’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams, that in times of hardship and challenge we can all find the reserves to power us through, the means to stand our ground and the energy to be Brave!

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