12744335_963586850356640_2884644589656550255_nAlthough better known for intense salvos of ferocious alt-rock, with Noctambulist the bluesy vibe that has always sat at the bands core is the dominant feature this time out. In keeping with the title the music wanders the drowsy boundaries between sleep and consciousness, a lilting, lucid dream of a track that plays with less tangible musical motifs and loose structures as it wanders hypnotic pathways.

It is in these less intense deliveries that you find the connection to frontman Tom Hackwell’s solo musical journey under the guise of Dragoman, the same dreamlike odyssey, the same ethereal feeling, the same otherworldly tones. As always though whether they are laying sonic waste or painting delicate hazy pictures, they remain one of the most interesting alt-rock bands coming up through the ranks today.

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