12473789_880838542027366_796869094809479350_oIt seems a difficult concept to get your head around but the wonderfully named Mannequin Death Squad seem to exist in a strange place, one where bubble-gum pop meets scuzzed-up garage punk. And if that is a sound that is difficult to imagine then you need to listen to this record. Equal parts melodic sweetness and light, and squalling garage rock fury, this record is a clash of sound, culture and ideologies from the smoking ruins of which rises a totally unexpected sound, one that is probably best described by referencing their own lyrics “cigarettes and soda pop.” Having trouble imagining what that sounds like? Listen to the record.


Five tracks, which wander between musical worlds and will charm and offend pop fans in equal measure just as it thrills and confuses fans of alternative music in the same way. You like music that subverts expectations? You like music built on curveballs and challenge? Music that hops generic boundaries just because it can and defies classification? Listen to the record!

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