1614500_980108525349622_8146781120620961223_oAlthough I have been keeping an eye on the enigmatic George since his debut collection of songs, the wonderfully named Being Ragdollian, it was when I first heard the work in progress recordings of this song that I realised just what potential he has to go the distance.

In a way this is sort of a transitional song, one that sees him step from the more acoustic driven and open sounds of that first release into the more textured and sculptured world that became Lunatic. But even though it sits slightly in both camps and reminds us that he probably has any number of musical avenues just waiting to be explored, the one thing that seems to be the constant is his lyrical prowess.

Here we see him the wrestle with unrequited love, scars and bruises metaphorical and otherwise, as he plays the vulnerable romantic and tap room poet spouting gutter fairy tales and drunken wisdom. It’s a role he was born to play and Tchaikovsky On The Tamborine is destined to be resident in your head for the foreseeable future. Better get used to it.


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