a3580604406_16As the amount of wannabe musicians, fledgling bands and self styled producers seems to form an everlarger percentage of society, thanks to the ease of access and cost of home technology, the fight to get noticed also seems ever more desperate. The biggest problem with being on such a trajectory is however much an artist kids themself that they are driven by integrity and freedom of choice the reality is the journey to commercial success at least is one of compromise, of bending to the fickle hand of fashion, of subtly playing the great game.

Few artists really adhere to the art for art sake philosophy that confers total freedom, which is why the enigmatic Will Elmore is such a breath of fresh air. His recordings turn up in my inbox with no ulterior motive, no request to be reviewed or promoted, they arrive merely on the basis that he thinks I might like to give them a listen. How cool is that?

Fragments of Sound is the prefect title for what he does so well as a myriad of genre hopping soundscapes are unfurled like a sketch book for the ears. Ambient yet vividly coloured instrumentals wander between late night dance tracks, noir-ish film scores, blissed out future classics and primal techno-chants. There is just enough common ground to make for a consistent listening experience but more than enough musical flight of fancy and imagination to deliver surprisingly supple and subtle changes of direction.

Art for Art’s sake is a wonderful way to approach the craft at hand and if the result is such a rich tapestry of ideas, such freedom and such brave sound choices maybe more artists should forget about “shifting units” and the amount of followers they have on Instagram and just follow Will’s template. Imagine a world based around that utopian concept?


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