13606652_1101190083275427_4412898156962259125_nYou’ve all heard of that term beloved of school music papers and angst-fuelled teen blogs, Marmite Music, bands to whose music there seems to be only a polarised love or hate response. Well, let me introduce you to Haribo Music, music that simultaneously delivers the sweetest flavours and a wonderfully bitter after taste. Big Jesus makes Haribo Music.


They achieve this through building complex substructures of angular, often jarring guitars, furiously driven beats and growling bass runs but then sugar coat it all with hazy MBV style gloss, whispering vocals and washes of effected guitar. It has the muscle of the nineties US college radio sound and the lush and sometimes fey dreamscapes of a bunch of Oxford drama students from around the same time and it is this clash of worlds, of brawn and brain, of street wise extroversion and bedsit introversion that creates the world Big Jesus inhabit.


You may be drawn in by the sugar rush of the music’s outward veneer but in your heart of hearts you perversely know it is the brash and slightly unpalatable machinations at the songs core that you get off on.

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