Not every song needs to try to create the sound of the future, not all rules need to be broken and generic fences don’t necessarily need to be leapt in a single bound. It’s fine if you want to do that, trailblazing is fun and has its own set of rewards but there is certainly nothing wrong with working with familiar building blocks, of following tried and tested patterns to create your music and that is exactly what Deep C Divers do. But what sets them apart from the swathe of other bands similarly mining such sonic pastures is that they know that if you are going to do so then the trick is to do it better than those around you. And that is exactly what they do.

My Luv is a shimmering slice of gentle pop; guitars chime, the bass line provides a simple but effective structure to hang everything on and the unfussy beat moves things along at just the right pace. Unhurried but purposeful. It sounds familiar yet not exactly reminiscent of anything specific, a combination of the musically fresh and the instantly comfortable. I think what I have described there are all the hallmarks of a song that has longevity and that may one day be filed away in the “classic” section of musical history. Quite a claim perhaps but one that I will certainly stand by. Only time will tell.

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