I have already established that Deep C Divers are one of the lucky few bands to have found their way to the place where pop and rock music meet and merge perfectly, when writing about previous songs My Luv and Smile For Better Days. Their latest single, Buried Treasure, is also the product of such a place, a blend of foot-on-the-monitor, rock and roll groove and poised pop infectiousness.

The riffs are short, sharp and shockingly good, bass and backbeat underpin the tune perfectly and guitar lines meander wickedly through the smart sonic structures. Throw in some fine dynamic ebbs and flows and an addictively repetitive chorus and you have everything that you need out of a song.

Buried Treasure also has the added trait of sounding cooly non-commercial, not quite a product of the underground scene but set apart from mainstream chart realms. But the more that you play it, the more you realise that not only could it find itself bothering the charts but that it is exactly what the charts need, whether those gatekeepers of all things popular and (by their measurements at least) cool realise it or not.

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