Emotions – Jasmine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blending the coolest, sultry R&B grooves with some smart and accessible pop moves, Emotions is perfect for the modern mainstream scene. It leans on timeless soul traditions, but if the vocal delivery seems to have simmered and sashayed down through the ages, the beat and body of the song are very much the product of today, a blend of ticking trap-esque beats, and electronic pulses, smooth sonic washes and digital deftness.

But the main attraction is the space that the music allows itself and the passion and poise with which Jasmine delivers her heartfelt narrative. It is also a song that everyone will understand, a song about love and respect (or in this case a lack of it) about finding the right one and knowing when you are in the wrong relationship.

It is smooth and soulful yet bristling with the sound of today’s sonic fashion, it is also timeless in its message, written perhaps from a very personal place but universally relatable to all who hear it.

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