Infiernos – Panteón Rococó (reviewed by Dave Franklin

The idea of Mexican ska might seem like an unusual concept to the less broad minded western music fan but when you think about it, such a close neighbour to ska’s Caribbean breeding ground is exactly where you would expect it to easily migrate to. And just as the ska that came to Britain through cultural migration perfectly reflected the grey and oppressive industrial cities that it now called home, Infiernos sounds exactly how you would expect this other clash of musical cultural identities to sound.

One part Caribbean groove, one part latin flair, this album is a wonderful collection of sunshine infused sonics, infectious beats and passionate music. Echoes of tex-mex rock and roll occasionally surface, Quersto Que’lotro being the best example, Alma Cromatica plays around with more traditional sounds from that region and Soy Peligroso captures the same manic spirit that beats at the heart of bands such as Gogol Bordello.

Sat here in my English abode I know the story of the ska that headed east and washed up on these shores, but if you want to know what happened to the ska that turned the other way and rode off into the setting sun then this album specifically and indeed Panteón Rococó in general is exactly the place to start.

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