Macaco certainly covers a lot of musical ground over the course of the 13 racks that make up this album. So much so that it is impossible to put him into any one genre, rather what we see is an artist at work who is able to draw around him any and all musical styles, using what he needs to make his musical point and then moving on to explore other sounds.

At one extreme Blue is a lilting, lullaby song, one that soothes and hangs softly in the air and this is followed immediately by No Nos Pararan, a confident and beat driven latin groove that seems almost to be its polar opposite. Silvia Perez Cruz brings some lovely pop-reggae vibes and charming vocals to Quedate and the album bows out with Valientes, a song which blends traditional Spanish vibes with forward thinking future-pop sounds.

Like I say, a lot of ground being covered but then what is the point of repeating yourself when you can make each musical statement and fresh and beguiling proposition? Is there such a thing as a musical rhetorical statement? There is now!

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