Multiplayer Erotica –  Jamit (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The only thing that you come to expect from Jamit is the unexpected. Yes, you know that the music is going to run along warped, experimental dance lines, though I’m sure one day I will find something from him in my review pile that throws even more of a curve ball and completely jumps the generic boundaries. But, apart from his broad signature strokes, his sort of sonic fingerprint, you have to just be content to go where he decides to take you musically. As always his subjects are the world around him, and the title alone informs you that this is inspired by the more fun and intimate aspects of life.

Tribal beats add a sort of primal dub urge to the music but the glitchy groove, electronic arpeggios and staccato structures take things out into the wholly unique Jamit sound-verse, a place where he plucks his unique musical building blocks and assembles them in his unusual unusual fashion. As always sampled spoken word forms the beguiling top line and the whole thing begs the question of how, in a world where so much musical ground has been covered, particularly in the world of dance, does he still manage to find new musical corners to explore and new soundscapes to build. I guess if we knew the answer to that, we’d all be making such music.

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