Dio-Genetic  – Devarien (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Wandering between modern post-hardcore intensity and occasionally more considered nu-metal inspired grooves, Dio-Genetic is a four song collection from Devarien an Alaskan based artist who creates his sound by bringing much more than just the usual rock and metal threads into his work. He also shoots those intriguing sounds through with lyrics that have something to say, reflecting the bigger issues that our world faces, kicking right off with the religious measuring contest that the politics of religion has become in the modern age. My God also shows his penchant for neat samples as well as bass lines that tip their hats to bands such as Faith No More and their funky metal grooves.

Rapid Cycling comes at you like a tsunami, a wall of sound being pushed at the listener, relentless and incendiary but it is the gloriously Nu-Metal infused anthem of Watch Me Not Givva #uck which is the centre piece of the collection, a link between nineties reinvention and modern forward thinking, and shot through with glitchy, warped electronica as well as white noise guitars and belligerent vocals.

Love Abridged rounds things off with a sort dystopian, industrial rock experimentalism but also employs bluesy classic rock guitar work again completing the loop that joins past glories with future potentials. It is obvious that Devarien is working to a tight budget, often meaning that production is sacrificed for passion, and that is how it should be, this is after all a music review not a technical one. But considered as a calling card for what this artist is capable of and, more importantly, the imagination that he brings to a genre that is often seen to be stuck in its ways, this is an intriguing prospect. Judge this less on what it is but rather what it might become and you find yourself with a real talking point.

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