I didn’t realise that people made records like this any more. But I’m certainly glad that they do. Joining dots on a line that runs back through artists such as Tori Amos, They Might Be Giants and Liz Phair and on to the likes of Randy Newman and earlier pre-pop vaudeville traditions, Fuller’s theatrical, groovy, jazz piano style is wonderfully at odds with most music being made today. Yet, Get Down is as fun and funky as anything that comes out of the pop laboratories of the mainstream music industry. It also has something that the vast majority of those production line artists don’t, a sense of humour. For whilst there is an interesting message at the heart of the song, it is delivered in a frivolous and whimsical way, part piano pop, part musical score, part satire.

It is also a song that reminds us that before the identikit beats and studio tricks that flavour modern music became the modus operandi, songs sunk or swam based on more honest factors. An infectious tune, listenable lyrics, a good groove and some clever musicianship and you were away. And that is everything that Get Down is. Throw in a wonderfully charming video and you have the full package. 

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