If music is all about conveying messages, ideas and feelings then it is worth remembering that there are different ways of doing this and what works for one style of music isn’t always right for another. At one end of the spectrum you have the no-holds-barred, bombastic nature of the punk and rock aproach. Usually, a simple idea, a political train of thought or a rant rammed down the listener’s throat through repetition and deliberate lack of nuance. It works for some songs but there are only so many times you can listen to some pre-pubescent emo waxing lyrical about being asked to tidy their bedroom!

I prefer the more subtle communications found at the other end of the spectrum. Here, it is all about nuance and understatement, vague notions and delicate emotions, here there is room to interpret and decode the message in a way that makes it relevant to yourself. Here, it is possible for the artist to be talking about one thing and for you to be hearing another and for both of you to be in the right.

This is the world that Multi-paradoxical Consciousness (AMV) comes from. A song born of ambient electronica where gentle dance pulses and cascading pianos, oriental sonic infusions and gossamer vocals swirl around each other coalescing into a gorgeous and drifting dram-pop cinematic score.

And if videos have always been important, it has been, in the past at last, because they have acted as a visual PR campaign for the song that they are wrapped around. Here, however, a different dynamic is at work and the anime video that accompanies the music is at least half of the package. If the music is lessened without the animation to explain it, so too is the video only a shell of itself without the music to bring it to life, to add an additional dimension to its narrative, to underline and punctuate the story.

Not every piece of music is made to further chart dreams, some of it is made for far more worthy reasons and this is one of those times. AMV package is less about building a following and more about building worlds. If the film is the heart of this world being brought into creation then the music is its very soul.

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