Taking the honest, no-holds-barred language of the urban music world and a sweeter sonic undercurrent that owes more to neo-soul and R&B, pop and even some slow dance vibes, Lon3ly offers us some insights into the thoughts and experiences of a young man living on the darker edges of society. And like most music coming from such places, he deliberately blurs the lines between real life and lyrical art and, like all lyricists worth their salt, further pushes the scenes and scenarios that his words paint through a filter of humour, pun and word-play.

At one extreme there are beat-heavy tracks such as Different, a song built on bass pulse grooves and shimmering electronica, deft and dexterous lyrics and infectious vibes and at the other, there are tracks such as Stars and Alone which come on like urban hymns, understated ballads from the dark underbelly of city life. And between these two extremes, the music ebbs and flows describing life and love at the sharp end of life to fantastic effect.

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