Monttu – Avot Ahter (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It doesn’t matter if a song is in a language other than your own if it has got groove. Groove is the universal language of rock and roll and Monttu, the latest release from Avot Ahter, has it in no small amount.

It drives along on real rock energy, punchy, full of swagger and blending some old school classic rock vibes with more modern alternative moves. The beats are powerful, the bass locks the rhythm to the melody and the guitars effortlessly fire off salvos of spiralling riffs.

The lead break wanders skyward, more angelic than the usual rock fair and even though there is a linguistic barrier between me and the lyrics, they add a wonderful creative layer to the top of the song, staccato jabs of vocals that create an additional texture and tone.

I might not understand everything that is going on here, but I know that I like it, and that is all that really matters. 

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