Vibes For Miles – Scott Waters (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you want to find a label to slap on Vibes For Miles, the latest album release from Scott Waters, forget clever generic pigeon-holes or stylistic categorisation, just call it radio-friendly. In some elitist quarters, such music is looked down on but I would say that if music is designed to be accessible and entertaining, to be infectious and enjoyable, then Vibes For Miles ticks all the boxes.

Here, he blends pop hooks with rock groove, does a neat line in sing-along lyrics and leaves you with a smile on your face. How can you not like an artist that can do all of that? How can you not love an album that delivers so much?

There is room for silky ballads such as Gypsy Heart and the bluesy meanderings of We Don’t Talk Anymore but the highlights are the upbeat groovers such as Anything She Wants and the folk-infused The Other Side. And anyone who can write a song as gorgeously trippy and harmoniously hazy as Mile High Lucy and Her Rainbow Shine is always going to get my vote.

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