If you want to know the difference between Rock and its big brother Rock ‘n’ Roll then just listen to a song like Don’t Need Anybody by Dmitri Wild. Rock music might gloat about the fact that it is big and heavy and bombastic and technical and over the top…but who needs any of that to have a good time?

Don’t Need Anybody swings, it is full of groove, it bounces and makes you want to sing along, makes you want to boogie, to punch the air, drink beer and get a party started, and that is what it is all about.

Whilst rock music is standing around the edges of that spontaneous party trying to look mean and moody, everyone else is on the dancefloor having a good time, throwing shapes, cutting a rug and wigging out…or whatever the kids call it these days. And all it took was for someone to put a song like Don’t Need Anybody on the jukebox. 

Rock Music – 0 

Rock’n’Roll – 1

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