Money (Revisited) – True Visionaires (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Not only does modern gospel group True Visionaires revel in a timeless, soulful sound, but their latest single, Money (Revisited), also has something very important to say. Don’t let money change who you are. It’s as simple as that and although it is a warning as old as money itself, it seems to be a reminder that is needed more than ever in today’s world. They may take their lead from the teachings of the bible, it is something to be heeded by those of any and every faith and by those yet to find it too.

And this message is driven by a timeless, soulful, gospel sound, one built from gorgeous close harmonies and lilting rhythms, seductive tones and soothing grooves. Definitely a case of come for the music but stay for the message, which has always been the selling point of gospel music.

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