Five – Bludgers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There was a time when band members had to be at least proximate to each other to even function properly and band histories were once a role call of exodus and acquisitions and ever-shifting line ups. But technology, as always, came to the rescue and even with band members spread as far apart as California, Ohio, Boston, New York and New Zealand hasn’t been an obstacle to Bludgers making music together.

This five-track offering proves that continuing to exist as a band even over such distances, was the right thing to do and its sonic charms lie in a wonderful blend of modern indie-rock and a sort of 90’s college rock vibe. The opener, Dirty Laundry immediately puts me in mind of such stalwarts as The Gin Blossoms but also fits right into today’s more underground zeitgeist.

More Things You Don’t Need is the stand out track for me, this is the point where the band fully embrace their own, unique sound, laid back and brooding, spacious and laced through with gorgeous shards of guitar and beguiling sonics. Five ends perfectly with Full Steam Behind, all staccato riffs and meaningful lyrics, the perfect punctuation point for a great album, one that is a product of the here-and-now but happy to stand on the shoulders of giants at the same time.

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