Never rely on genres. They always let you down. I should imagine that ten different journalists writing about Arhkota‘s strange and beguiling new single would label it with ten completely different generic soundbites. And even then, none of those would accurately capture the broken, classical grace, the oriental vibe, the blending of ambience with abrasion, the atmospheres which are created below, between and beyond the notes, the post-everything structures and the sheer uniqueness of what has been created here.

Somewhere between an art-house film score and a classical experiment, Dreamy Hamilton is both an echo of the past and a look to the future. It is created from classical building blocks and ambient washes, post-rock explosions and beguiling vocal operatics but it is the sound of where music is going rather than a reminder of where it has been.

And anything which sounds like a sound sample of the background street sonics from the original Blade Runner movie can only be a good thing. Make that a great thing!

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