Miss Sunshine – Roseblud (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Just as the weather begins to take on a chill and you start thinking of more Autumnal activities, Miss Sunshine comes tumbling through the air to add some sun-soaked, soulful sass to the day. It’s a song which lands easily on the ear, which oozes warmth and good feelings, from the understated guitar work to the gentle latin percussion and and at its heart, the twin vocal styles, from Damien Bleus’ smooth singing to Roseblud’s intimate spoken-raps.

But the song is part of a bigger story, a high-point in the song cycle which forms the structure of Roseblud’s forthcoming album. Mood Ring is an album which follows the idea that even toxic relationships have euphoric high points and which aims to hopefully help others notice the warning signs in their own lives.

But taken on its own, it is still a warm and welcoming track, gentle and joyful, easy and engaging and a welcome last ray of sonic sunshine as we turn towards the changing season.

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