Fear – Trey Connor (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Trey Connor makes music which sits in a sweet spot. It isn’t big enough to be rock but it channels some of its energy whilst neatly swerving the cliched baggage that the genre carries about with it. It isn’t really pop, not in the current sense of the word anyway, but its easy attractions and infectious hooks are in the spirit of what pop is all about…or at least, what it should be about. It isn’t quite indie, not the sort of indie which is metaphorically, and sometimes literally, checking its hair in the mirror, its better than that.

It’s just music which gets on with the job at hand and the job at hand is to deliver music which is obvious enough to appeal to both the mainstream pop-picker and the more discerning musical movers and shakers alike  Fear does that in a fairly restrained but utterly compelling manner. Add to that a video of the band in live mode and the song gets an added dose of authenticity. No gizmos or gimmicks, not tricks or traps. Just musicians doing what they do best, making great, memorable and accessible music. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

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