Chapstick – Huntington (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although best known as a songwriter and producer in his own right, Chapstick is Huntington’s first time in the centre-stage spotlight and he finds a great way to kick off this new career path. It is a high-energy, pop-dance song, one driven by infectious grooves but also containing enough dynamic shifts, from full-on clubland crescendos to subtle, sonically punctuating lulls, to keep things both engaging and intriguing.

And for all its sassy ways, it is a deeply reflective song. Written from the isolation of lockdown and focusing on the pain, and perhaps envy, of imagining a recent ex-lover not only moving on with their life but finding someone else whilst your own thoughts turn to loneliness.

As songs go, it is a contradiction whichever way you look at it. An upbeat musical musing, revelling in isolation. A bitter-sweet tale driven by hi-octane vibes. A song which makes an impression but which also leaves plenty of lingering afterthoughts.

Who knew that pop music could be this clever? Well, Huntington for one!

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