Jungle – Kemper Grant (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Releasing the occasional single, as is the modern way, is fine for making a quick and temporary impression, but if you want people to really appreciate and understand the full width and breadth of your artistic endeavours, then an album is where it’s at. And whilst we already know that Kemper Grant has a fluid, changeable and perhaps even eclectic sonic palette, it is only when you find it all in one place that you can really appreciate the distance that the music covers.

Jungle has a cutting edge, electronically driven, pop core but Kemper Grant finds plenty of ways of pushing that sound into more interesting territory, often jumping generic fences along the way. Tracks such as Electra present a low and soulful, brooding understatement before a beat kicks in to carry the song to more soaring sonic peaks and opening track All Day All Night plays with stuttering, staccato beats to great affect. Uber Ride to Cry blends upbeat day-go pop with more spacious breakdowns and Place to Park is about as “now” a piece of spacious pop as you could wish to find doing the rounds today.

It’s a cool album, no denying that, one which takes a modern, urban-infused, pop-powered, restrained dance floor sound and turns the form into a cool and emotive soundtrack for today’s music fan.

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