Any band that cites both The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Ludovico Einaudi as points of reference has to be a band worth checking out. And you know, whereas most artists just list influences that make them seem cool or which represent what they would like to sound like but never really do, here in the opening song, Taxidermy Love, I can hear both. The funk-jazz groove of the former, the meditative sonic soundscapes of the latter.

This quartet of songs is brilliant. From the Kinks-esque romp of Amy to the shimmering, chilled, and wonky indie of Lions and finally, to the anthemic post-brit-pop stomp of Tetrachromany, it covers a lot of ground, blending the fresh with the familiar in one startling sonic package. Ace cakes…or whatever it is that the hip and groovy kids are saying this week.

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