When delving into the sonic landscapes of cinematic and filmic compositions, one quickly realizes the futility of attempting to confine them within the constraints of conventional genres. What might be construed as ambient to one listener might manifest as dream pop to another. The boundaries between modern classic and avant-garde experimentation blur, while dance music and chillwave seem to converge on opposite ends of a fluid spectrum. And as for electronica, well, it boldly defies any attempts at restriction, assuming the protean guise it so desires.

“Either Or,” a testament to this very notion, exemplifies my rambling assertions better than any convoluted phrasing could ever hope to achieve. It navigates along the lines of soft, nocturnal beats reminiscent of an intimate club setting, enveloping itself in swathes of symphonic electronic elegance and digital opulence. With a gradual, almost imperceptible evolution, it cocoons itself deeper and deeper within a labyrinth of tones and textures. And just when you think you’ve pinned down VAAMP as a purveyor of keyboard-driven soundscapes, the crystalline and innovative lines of an electric guitar unfurl, offering the perfect auditory garnish to their musical confection.

Music of this ilk embodies many guises: it can be chilled, meditative, and soothing; it can be elegant and articulate, and yet it is so much more than that. It serves as a poignant reminder that music, at its core, is an adaptable and malleable force. No amount of journalistic labelling or facile categorization can effectively encapsulate its essence or confine it within the boundaries of tidy, easily accessible tribes. Fortunately, those days are long gone. Welcome to the blossoming of the post-genre world. Welcome to the empire of VAAMP.


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