Take no small pinch of classic rock grit, a dash of glam, the Bowie kind, not the poor imitators who struggled to keep up, some slick 80’s vibes, a heap of pop awareness, some polished electro-rock poise, and you have Heart of The City, the perfect balance of muscle and melody, grave, grit and groove.

The great thing about peppering your music with a few nods to the past, in this case, the slicker end of eighties rock, is that even though you are offering something wonderfully new and fresh, it also already feels familiar and slots right into the existing audiences comfort zones.

Or, put another way, what if Pat Benatar wasn’t an 80’s female rock icon but a bunch of seasoned rockers making music in post-covid Amsterdam? Maybe I should have started with that and saved myself a lot of writing. Of well, no harm done.

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