Ah, the perfect timing: as the icy grip of winter tightens its hold, the radiance of PR1ME’s summer anthem arrives, a sonic oasis in the frigid expanse. Man, you can practically feel the waves of warmth cascading off it, potent enough to rival the cosiest of hearths. I might as well shut down the boiler and let this track bask the house in its sun-kissed radiance for a spell; it’s that blazing.

What he’s dishing out here is a tantalizing blend of smooth, seductive neo-soul entwined with the pulse of trap-driven percussion and the sultry sway of R&B, all intermingling in a hypnotic slow dance perfect for the chillout zone of the sophisticated end of the club scene. It’s a song born in the very heat of the moment, its lyrics unfurling freestyle over luxuriously leisurely grooves, a shamanic invocation crafted to summon back the sun. It’s a tune that seems to ride effortlessly on the warm zephyrs of summer, eschewing the confines of any human-crafted sound, drifting and floating, weightless and carefree.

And then comes the video, a dark counterpoint to the glistening allure of the melody. A man offering the world, a possessive lover and his jealousy, a woman caught in the crucible of a decision. Ah, the familiar dance of human desires and entanglements; we’ve all trod that complicated path at some point, haven’t we?

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