Slightly country, a little bit rock and roll, a bit bluesy, easily accessible and wonderfully melodic and even somewhat pop-aware, Make It Rain is a great track musically speaking. It takes a thread from all the sounds and styles that make up American music DNA, juggling familiarity with freshness along the way.

And, excellent as the music is, for me, it is the lyrics that hook me in. Not that any great pretence or overt poeticism is going on; the language is honest and straight with you. It is the duality of meaning which is the trick here. On the one hand, you can take this at face value, the need for cooling and life-giving waters over parched and thirsty lands. On the other, it isn’t hard to find an analogy to cleansing the soul thanks to the nourishment and refreshment of a higher power.

A great song on the surface, a deep and meaningful sentiment if you opt to dig a little deeper. Rain on me!

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