Towards the end of last year, the most excellent Make It Rain wafted through the office, part country, part rock, part folk…all in the musical vein and lyrical vernacular of the best singer-songwriters of the last 50 years. And if that toyed with and teased the taste buds of the discerning music fan, then Where I’m From, an eleven-track showcase of his not-insignificant talents, is just what you have been waiting for… even if you didn’t realise it.

It’s a great album that echoes the generic blends mentioned above. Hills of California is the sound of a modern-day James Taylor, as is the other song about that state, Goodbye California. It Should Be Raining Today is a reflective and shimmering bundle of slide guitars and twinkling piano, The Road I Once Travelled is sweetly nostalgic, lilting and lovely and Living on Both Sides of The Five is country cool for the modern age.

Make it Rain was a good song. Where I’m From is a great album.

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