Losing You was a great calling card ahead of this full album release, a taste of the smart blend of big band buoyancy and modern indie smarts that Shaun Johnson creates his songs out of. Anyone who can see through the Bublé fakery or who perhaps wonders what might be the result of a new Sinatra coming through the ranks of today’s music scene has been waiting for Made For Her to drop, and now the wait is over.

There are tracks, such as Multiplied By Two, which lean back into those 50’s rat-pack, saloon bar jazz, supper club vibes, but for each one of those more backwards glancing songs, there are flashes of the utmost modernity, such as All Because of You and its indie-ballad acoustic weaves.

The album comes with a cool reworking of Love Me Tender, both rendered into acoustic minimalism and recorded live and even a dance-groove driven remix of Multiplied By Two.

Made For Her is both a nod to past glories and a vision of the evolution of jazz-infused music to come. The result, an album that is absolutely perfect for the here-and-now.

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