Imagine if you took the idea of a traditional crooner and underpinned the expected swing style with something altogether more contemporary. Imagine if Sinatra was just getting his start and was knocking around with friends who played in indie bands. Imagine if the big sound of the chamber pop era was condensed down into a more compact and more contemporary sound. Imagine no more, just drop the needle (virtual, obviously) on the first single from the forthcoming album by Shaun Johnson and the Big Band Experience and you can hear all of those scenarios play out.

It’s a cool creative collision, One where the vocal style of the jazz age and the big band ethos is pushed through a modern creative filter. The result is something that will appeal to the existing fan of that nostalgic sound as well as to those from the more discerning edge of the mainstream.

The lazy dance beats swing and swagger, swathes of synth/strings swirl and pianos gently cascade and chime building a bridge between eras and genres, sounds and styles, past and present. And if the way that the music is made is very new, the sentiment found in the lyrics is timeless, being a ballad about heartache and pain, from a very personal perspective.

Losing You may not top Sinatra…then again who could…but it certainly bursts a Buble or two!

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  1. […] Losing You was a great calling card ahead of this full album release, a taste of the smart blend of big band buoyancy and modern indie smarts that Shaun Johnson creates his songs out of. Anyone who can see through the Bublé fakery or who perhaps wonders what might be the result of a new Sinatra coming through the ranks of today’s music scene has been waiting for Made For Her to drop, and now the wait is over. […]

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