Blending some nostalgic, almost West Coast, retro singer-songwriter vibes with ultra-modern indie-pop poise, Damon Mitchell seems to have worked out just where the magic point between familiarity and freshness lies, where comfort zones give way to a more adventurous spirit, where the what was, meets the what next! And that is a powerful place from which to pitch your music in the modern world, a world where past glories and forward-thinking originality seem both to be equally important sides of the same creative coin.

Blurry, from the new album, Like You’re In A Dream, is a great piece of acoustic pop, one built on both smooth groove and staccato jauntiness, sing-along vocal hook and lyrical poignancy.

If you are tired of the same old singer-songwriter schtick, the moody, black-clad troubadour in the wide-brimmed hat or the ubiquitous, plucky punky acoustic thrasher and long for an artist that is more than style over substance, more than a follower of fad and fashion, then Damon Mitchell is your man.

A hark back to the great singer-songwriters of the past and an artist fully able to recreate that excitement via songs that are perfect for the modern mainstream market. Just what we have been waiting for.

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