Like You’re In a Dream – Damon Mitchell (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Blurry gave us a taste of dreamy pop blends that go into Damon Mitchell‘s lush music, even that didn’t quite prepare the listener for the sonic scope and scale of the full-length album which goes under the apt name of Like You’re In A Dream.

It runs from the cool, smart pop of the opening salvo and title track to the Police-esque space and poise of Secretary Song and lots of unexpected places in between. From California is a smokey, jazz club croon, a stylish and lyrically astute ballad that Sir Billiam of Joel would have given his right arm to have written and then, of course, Blurry, as we already know, is a cosmic cowboy meets hippie psychedelia take on what might have been had the more groovy end of the Laurel Canyon sound actually translated into mainstream chart sales. Sadly it did not, but this gives you an idea what that might have been like.

Like You’re In A Dream isn’t afraid to look back and, as we all know, the cyclical nature of music means that if you look back far enough you are actually looking forward. So, an album nodding to past glories or an artist building a sound for a bright new future. Well, both! How great is that?

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