Made Alive –  Made Alive (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I sometimes struggle to know how to approach music that falls into the devotional category. But then I think, I’m just a music writer and this is a record and so it should just be approached in the same way that I would tackle any other set of lyrics, from the trials and tribulations of an artists life to throwaway party vibes and everything in between. This is obviously a celebratory affair, covering its subject in no uncertain terms and whilst lyrically I may not be the target audience, how is it any different from any other music that passes my way?

Musically I’m on firmer territory and this is where the appeal lies for me. With much music of this sort coming from either the soul and gospel genres or the hard rock and heavy metal end of the spectrum, it’s nice to hear someone using a pop-rock sonic vehicle to deliver the message. It has the muscle of rock, some blistering guitar work but the melody and accessibility of the pop playground. And after all it is through such infectious music that people get to hear what it is that you have to say and that, at the end of the day, is the whole point.

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