Floating Stone  –  Stop.Drop.Rewind (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something at the heart of S.D.R. in general and this song in particular that shimmers with the distant sonic flashes of a whole bunch of post-punk bands that hailed from this side of the Atlantic. But then, many of those bands looked back to an earlier generation of American bands that had turned on to more psychedelic, chiming and jangling sounds and laid a path for future pop-pickers to be inspired by. So whether I’m right or wrong we sort of end up in the same place anyway.

And that place is the perfect blend of pop and rock, a collision of brilliantly played dynamics and infectious hooks, of deftly woven sonic textures, of music with both muscle and melody, lush harmonies and sweeping grandeur. It’s also a sound that tips its hat to more recent indie sounds, 90’s alternative and the ghosts of West Coast sound pioneers alike…not to mention the Brits that those scenes inspired along the way, whether S.D.R. are aware of it or not.  I have spoken before about the bands ability to wander this fine line between pop and a hard place, and few do it as expertly as them. 

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