As a mom of four and the author of books focussing on the subject of remaining attractive and appealing whilst juggling family and career, Luci knows that the label “sexy” isn’t just something that belongs to the youngest faction of society. And as she demonstrates in this video, it is because sexy is actually an overall term that is comprised of many changable parts, such as sultry, graceful, sensual, confident, cool and infectious all of which are on definitely display here.

But as important as the visual medium is when it comes to selling music you of course need a good song to back things up and here the music too displays many of the aforementioned qualities. A simple dance groove and infectious latin clubland rhythms anchor the song to the beat whilst allowing enough space so that the sunshine gets in. Lyrically things are hooky, addictive and alluring and the over all effect is one of euphoric energy pouring in from warmer climes.

Not all music has to be overly clever or unnecessarily complex and Culebra proves that if you get the basics right with just a few well chosen musical building blocks, you can create something straight forward, effective, easily marketable, totally infectious and, well, let’s face it…sexy as hell!

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