Bring On The Rain – Chris Rawlins (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Chicago-based acoustic singer/songwriter Chris Rawlins is one of those musicians that people refer to as ‘honest’, you can imagine what has been recorded here among the nine songs on ‘Bring On The Rain’ would be pretty close to what you would hear if you got to see him perform live.

Stripped back, Rawlins is a singer with a guitar, there are thousands of such musicians in the world but what sets these people apart is, essentially, what they do with such a bare platform.  Rawlins is no slouch in filling the space with intelligent lyrics, (“you’d leave me if you knew me better than you do…”) a James Taylor-like relaxed vocal delivery and clean guitar playing that perfectly fits the atmosphere he’s trying to build within the songs.

With blue-collar romance ‘Bring on The Rain’ traces a musical heritage ranging from folk to country and perhaps a little jazz in the chord choices and structuring. This is by no means an album to raise your adrenalin but as an early morning accompaniment or late night send off, it’s perfect. The band of bass, drums, slide guitar and occasional electric piano bring the songs into a richer, more complete package. It feels unhurried, unfussed and benefits from repeat listening to truly allow yourself to enter into the world Rawlins is presenting, which is a world of relationships discussed over a lazy cup of coffee, a man viewing the ever-changing landscape of his town or city and, that immortal subject for songs, love.

Worth picking up a copy if you like your country, folk or Americana music played out without gimmicks and stereotypes

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